German EGP 2019

24. April 2019

Hello everyone,

the German EGP will be in a bit more than a month and we finally found a location.
The tournament will be on June 1st and 2nd at:

Studentisches Kulturzentrum Potsdam
Hermann Elflein Str. 10
14467 Potsdam

We will have the „Seminarraum“:
from friday around 5pm to sunday 5pm.
It may be a bit small, but I think we’ll be fine. Should manage 24 players and if we get more, I might need to find some more tables or so. Right now we have around 15-18 registered.

As the room is for free under the condition that we don’t make profit, the entry fee will be quite low, probably 5 Euro or less for cups and maybe a few clocks. As usual the entry is free for all new players.

You could sleep at the tournament location for free. It’s just that „big“ room with some mattresses. It does have a shower and we have the keys for both nights friday and saturday. I’ll have to tell them a week in advance how many people will stay the night, so if you are interested, let me know.

The location is right in the center of Potsdam. The main shopping street (walking area) „Brandenburger Straße“ is 75 m away. The palace Sans Soucci is 1.1 km or 15 minute walk away.

Thursday is a bank holiday and I’ll most likely take off friday as well. So if you plan to arrive early, let me know so we can try to plan something together.
Depending on who will arrive before friday evening, we should try to arrange something together.

Potsdam has it’s own ticket system for public transportation, but it is also contained in the C region of Berlin tickets (ABC or BC). The tournament location is about 10 minutes from Potsdam central train station which is about 25 minutes (by regional train) from berlin central train station.
If you go from airport Schönefeld to Potsdam you’ll pay 3.10 Euro for a Berlin BC ticket if you go directly, or 3.40 Euro for a Berlin ABC ticket if you get a train changing in Ostbahnhof meaning you’ll go through the center of Berlin (hence the zone A in ABC). For airport Tegel it will be 3.40 Euro for the ABC ticket. A day ticket is adviced if you plan to use it more than 2 times that day.

Currently the list of registered players:
Matthias Berg
Stefan Murawski
Henrik Vallund
Jörg Gärtner
Daniel Rößler
Tomoko Abe
Carlo Affatigato
Billy Rennekamp
Imre Leader
Marc Tastet
Remi Tastet
Sophie Tastet
Mirek Voracek (+1 to 3 players from Cz)
Takuji Kashiwabara
Michal Buka

—not coming—–
Jan de Graaf
Gunnar Bach
Ahmed Sultan (Heimaturlaub)

Best wishes

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